Help keep yourself healthy and productive

Hear and Now helps you to cope better with the stresses you experience every day.

A simple, beautiful app to help you and your loved ones manage stress

Hear and Now is a beautifully designed app that can help you to take control of your stress levels. Using biometric feedback it helps to teach a clinically proven deep breathing technique to reduce your stress and helps you to understand when to use the technique to maximise its effectiveness.

Having stress in our lives is often out of our control, but how we deal with it isn't

We all experience stressful situations in our daily lives. Being able to cope with these moments and recover well afterwards is critical, as long-term stress can trigger serious, long-term health problems. Hear and Now can help you to cope and recover.

Until now, it has been difficult to assess and monitor stress but now our products can help. Through biometric monitoring, artificial intelligence algorithms, individual feedback and targeted interventions we can deliver an effective stress management solution to you and your loved ones.