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We can help employees to actively manage stress in the workplace, improving their productivity and long-term health.

Stress management is an increasing concern to companies and individuals

The impact of long-term stress on employees can be significant, reducing productivity and generating both long-term and short-term absenteeism. In the long run it will have significant impact on employees' health.

Finding a stress management tool that is practical and effective, will help you to improve your employees productivity and engagement.

Each year over 10 million working days are lost to stress in the UK alone

- Huffington Post

Stress costs companies an average of £9,000 per employee each year

About £9,000 is lost per employee each year on average due to the impact of stress and poor wellbeing on absenteeism and productivity.

Until now, it has been difficult to assess and monitor stress but now our products can help. Through biometric monitoring, artificial intelligence algorithms, dashboard-based individual feedback and targeted interventions we can deliver an effective stress management solution to your employees.

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By giving your employees the tools to understand and manage their personal stress patterns, you enable them to better manage their health and happiness and to be more productive

Benefit to the Individual

The overall benefits to the individual are improvements in health, happiness and productivity delivered in three key areas:

Awareness. As part of our solution we help employees build an understanding of stress and the impact it can have on their productivity and health in the short and long-term.

Insights. We help employees to measure their personal stress levels and begin to understand the triggers and patterns that cause them stress... and support resilience.

Interventions. Learning simple, effective interventions and knowing when to apply them helps employees to begin to actively manage their stress in a positive manner.

Benefit to the Organisation

Our solutions help you to create and support productive teams, delivering commercial benefits in three key areas:

Increased productivity. A happy, engaged team is more productive. Our solutions can help to reduce presenteeism - coming to work but being too stressed to function effectively.

Reduced direct healthcare costs. The long-term physical conditions that stress can trigger generate significant direct healthcare costs both in sick pay and private medical cover.

Reduced indirect healthcare costs. These costs vary from providing expensive, short-term temporary cover for absent employees to the costs of re-hiring a replacement if someone is too ill to return to work.

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