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WPP Health adopts new digital health employee wellbeing programme

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Partnership launch

It’s 6.30 am. The familiar din of your smartphone alarm breaks through your precious 6 hours of sleep. Listlessly searching for the snooze button, barely before you’ve had time to register which day of the week it is, 14 emails and multiple notifications illuminate from your screen.

Relatable? This scenario will be familiar to many of us.

As the boundaries between our jobs and personal lives continue to blur, it’s no wonder why we often find ourselves in a constant state of rumination about work, unable to get a decent night’s sleep, neglectful of our health and habitually stressed out.

This is not new, nor groundbreaking information. The coined phrase, ‘in an ever-connected world it’s increasingly difficult for us to switch-off’, has been on our lips long before the latest google updates or newest iPhone releases.

For over 50% of us, occupational pressures are now a dominating causation of stress in our lives. Mental health costs employers in the UK a staggering £34.9 billion a year, with an average loss of £1,300 for every employee. Consequently, the spotlight is shifting to the role of corporate responsibility in tackling and supporting employee mental health.

Employee wellbeing programme certainly has become a boardroom buzzword, but cycle to work schemes and monthly yoga classes simply haven’t cut it. An overwhelming 42% of people surveyed said they’d considered resigning when asked how workplace stress had affected them.

Surface-level wellbeing packages may tick a box with HR, but they can radically gloss over the deeper needs of your staff. How can you recognise and support their mental, physical, and emotional needs?

Tackling Blurred Lines

Multinational advertising and public relations company WPP Health Practice is at the forefront of pioneering employee wellbeing, with a number of positive mental health initiatives already in place.

To kick-off 2019’s World Mental Health Day, WPP selected BioBeats as its new employee wellbeing programme. BioBeats’ breakthrough evidence-based AI-technology has been introduced across WPP’s Health Practice, Ogilvy Health, and Sudler offices spanning London, Milan and Sydney.

The BioBeats’ app and wearable, BioBase, tracks biometric and psychometric data to give users a unique wellbeing score, insights into their sleep patterns, activity levels, heart rate variability, and mood. Users are then given personalised digital-therapeutics and access to tools to improve their mental wellbeing.

Claire Gillis, International CEO of WPP Health Practice, said:

“This partnership allows us to apply evidence-based behavioural science to an increasingly critical area for any agency or company — mental health.

We’ve been successfully operating wellbeing pilots around our networks and are keen to combine these initiatives with the latest health tech solutions. Importantly for an international group, this project offers the potential for us to roll out more personalised mental health support at scale. It also gives us insight into how we can make further improvements.

I have no doubt that health tech platforms such as BioBeats will change the way we invest in workplace wellbeing.”

From surviving to thriving

Multi-dimensional employee wellbeing programmes that focus not only on physical but also mental health, are becoming a powerful tool for organisations like WPP Health Practice. Allowing businesses to take a preventative approach to mental wellbeing, and grow their bottom line with a team that is resilient.

Work should not be somewhere that wilts and weathers us, but somewhere we can, and will, thrive.