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Why is sleep so important?

research | 3 min read

In this week’s live stream, Dr. Jamie Kawalder, Product Analyst at BioBeats, discusses sleep patterns, the importance of different types of sleep and gives practical advice on how to improve our sleep for stress management during this time.

Throughout lockdown, you may have found yourself feeling very restless from a lack of physical activity.

Perhaps you’re consuming more caffeine or using more screens and digital devices? Maybe you are feeling worried or anxious about the current situation?

All of these things impact our sleep, in turn having an effect on our circadian rhythm and internal body clock.

Jamie gives practical advice on how to:

  • Recognise your own sleep patterns
  • How to get better quality sleep and cultivate lasting behaviour change
  • Tips on how to create a sleeping environment for your best rest

With the links between inadequate sleep and poor employee productivity, encouraging your teams to take good care of their health and wellbeing should always include practising good sleep hygiene.

If you are interested in how the BioBeats app can track and improve sleep, download our full guide.

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