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Using digital health assessments to measure employee wellbeing. Why and how.

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59% of your workforce are at risk of poor mental health.

That’s nearly two-thirds of your staff that could be struggling, according to the latest research from the BioBeats app.

Despite the devastating impacts on employee welfare, engagement, productivity and, in turn, absence rates, most organisations still lack an effective measure for common mental health problems.

Therefore, many employers don’t realise the scale of these issues, let alone have a clear idea of what preventative support or treatment is required. It’s no wonder that EAPs struggle with uptake and there are no reported year-on-year improvements in engagement despite well-rounded benefits packages.

So, what can bridge this gap? If you want to improve and take care of employee mental health, first, you must effectively measure it.

Using health assessments to measure mental wellbeing

One way to accurately and non-invasively assess employee wellbeing across your organisation is by using clinically-validated health questionnaires and indicator tools.

The BioBeats app contains both. Each is designed to help employees assess and understand their individual level of wellbeing and sign-post them immediately to the appropriate support, whilst also providing HR with an accurate aggregated and anonymised dataset on the wellbeing of their organisation.

The WHO-5 Wellbeing Index

When getting started on the BioBeats app, employees are prompted to fill out the World Health Organisation’s 5 Well-Being Index (WHO-5).

This quick 5 question survey is a self-reported measure of mental wellbeing and has been found to be effective in screening for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Employees are prompted to check-in and complete a WHO-5 questionnaire every two weeks, meaning they can frequently monitor how they are doing and HR can accurately gauge what percentage of their workforce is at risk, on an ongoing fortnightly basis.

If an employee indicates below-average wellbeing, the BioBeats app immediately refers them to your EAP provider or preferred support details.

Take the BioBeats WHO-5 wellbeing questionnaire and discover your health status.

The UK Health and Safety Executive

Once on the app, employees will fill out the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Management Standards Indicator Tool.

This survey is used to evaluate whether work-related stress appears to be a potential problem for employees. Based on research from the job-demands resource model, the HSE evaluates:

* Demands: such as workload, patterns and environment. * Control: how much say an employee feels they have in how they do their work. * Support: how supported employees feel in their workplace.

Results from the HSE provides your HR team with a clear indication of where and why employees are struggling.

The BioBeats app then uses employees’ individual results to sign-post them to personalised courses, such as CBT or ACT therapy, focused specifically on addressing their workplace stressors.

Personalised support pathway

We are living in turbulent times; each week we are navigating new, never before seen challenges. An annual, or even monthly, employee wellbeing survey is simply not enough in the era of COVID-19.

Employees need solutions that prompt frequent check-ins, with immediate action and triaging to appropriate resources. Traditional surveys may indicate trends, but by the time changes are actioned or help offered, quite often it is a little too late.

What’s more, in the digital age, real-time data is everything. Employees expect personal interventions that give them actionable insights into their mental wellbeing.

Take the BioBeats WHO-5 employee wellbeing survey to measure your mental wellbeing.

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