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The effects of stress on the body and mind

research | 3 min read

In this week’s episode, BioBeats Co-founder and CTO, Davide Morelli, shares the science behind stress and the body, plus, how to use our bodies natural stress response mechanisms to our advantage.

When we think and talk about stress in the modern day, we often refer to stress as ‘being overwhelmed’ or ‘overworked’.

However, the expression of stress in the modern day is disconnected from the evolution of the stress response in our ancestors.

This disconnect is causing a wealth of physical conditions, such as poor cardiovascular health, and mental health concerns, like depression and anxiety, and even lead to unprocessed trauma being stored in the body.

Davide explains:

  • The difference between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems
  • The difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress
  • What the effects of prolonged stress on the body and mind are
  • Practical tips on how to ‘hack’ your body into engaging in more good stress

Remember to check-in with yourself and engage with good stress!

Check back next week for Episode 4, with Dr. Jamie Kawalder: Why is sleep so important?