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How to effectively lead your team through a time of crisis

opinions | 3 min read

This week on BioBeats Live we’re speaking to Kevin Green, former CEO of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and HR Director at Royal Mail, about how to effectively lead your team through a time of crisis and spot any COVID-19 mental health concerns.

Business leaders and HR teams are rapidly responding to the escalating COVID-19 crisis, managing effective people communication, wellbeing support and making critical business decisions.

Kevin Green offers insight into important leadership questions during this time of crisis including:

  • What should HR leaders be focusing on right now?
  • How should managers be engaging their people as they work from home?
  • What should HR and managers keep an eye out for in teams’ mental health?
  • What are the top tips to CEOs and MDs during this crisis?

Drawing from his best seller, Competitive People Strategy, Kevin gives further advice on how to balance your people’s needs with adapting yourself to a new working environment.

Find out more on how to support your people with further resources from our blog and remember, if your teams need support, we are here to help.

Check back next week for Episode 3, with Davide Morelli, BioBeats CTO and Co-founder, The effects of stress on body and mind.