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Free Access to BioBase Amid Covid-19

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A statement from our CEO and Co-Founder David Plans on employee mental health during COVID-19:

Given the unprecedented situation regarding employee mental health Covid-19, I wanted to update you on the steps we are taking to support our BioBeats app users, and your employees, during this turbulent time:

Free access to the BioBeats app for 3 months

To help your people through this time of crisis we have decided to waiver the monthly subscription fee to our employee mental health app, for 3 months. This means free access to digital therapeutics, mindfulness tools and personalised health insights for every one of your employees.

Unlocking all digital therapeutic content

We are unlocking all digital therapeutic content within the BioBeats app and have also bought forward the release of a new feature which recommends relevant content and/or tools to users based on their personal health status, this could be a module from our therapeutic content or perhaps a breathing exercise.

Now is a crucial time for us all, and as always, I urge you to put employee mental health at the forefront of your minds. Supporting mental health in the workplace is paramount, whatever the new normal for ‘the workplace’ is. Our recent blog post offers some immediate advice for anyone working from home or currently in self-isolation.

If you need any further advice, my team is always here. So please reach out to us about any of the above.

Dr. David Plans