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BioBeats Live: Helping you cope with stress during COVID-19

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Over the coming weeks, as workplaces around the world navigate the challenges and stress posed by COVID-19, we’ll be discussing the implications lockdown is having on our mental and physical health with experts and collaborators.

Supporting mental health in the workplace has never been more important — even if the workplace is now the kitchen table for your employees. To help you and your teams navigate through COVID-19, we’ve launched BioBeats Live.

Join us each week for practical advice on how to cope with stress during COVID-19 and support your employees’ mental health during this time of uncertainty and change. Check out the agenda below.

Now is a crucial time for us all, and as always, I urge you to put your people’s health and wellbeing at the forefront of your minds.

Episode 1: Reconnecting with your body to support your mental health

Lead Psychologist, Nicky Hemmings, shared her top tips on how to spot the symptoms of stress, reconnect with your body and calm an overactive mind during this time.

Episode 2: How to lead your team through a time of crisis

Kevin Green, former CEO of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and HR Director at Royal Mail, talks about how to effectively lead your team through a time of crisis and spot any COVID-19 mental health concerns.

Episode 3: The effects of stress on your body and mind

BioBeats Co-founder and CTO, Davide Morelli, shares the science behind stress and the body, plus, how to use our bodies natural stress response mechanisms to our advantage.

Episode 4: Why is sleep so important?

Dr. Jamie Kawalder, Product Analyst at BioBeats, discusses how the pandemic may have changed our sleep patterns, the importance of different types of sleep and practical advice on how to improve our sleep for stress management.

All of the episodes will be streamed live via the BioBeats YouTube channel!

Remember, we are here to help you navigate through this time and if you need support for your teams during COVID-19, please get in touch.

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