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BioBeats is now compatible with smartwatches and fitness trackers

news,technology | 3 min read

The BioBeats app is now compatible with smartwatches and fitness trackers that connect to Apple Health Kit and Google Fit.

You can connect your own fitness tracker or self-report via the BioBeats app. Meaning, every employee can accurately monitor their physical wellbeing using and access mental health support, no matter where they are.

Here is a short video from our COO, Connie Di Gennaro, explaining how it works.

Why monitor physical wellbeing?

The BioBeats app, paired with your tracker, will monitor the 3 most important metrics for measuring physical wellbeing; heart rate, activity levels and sleep.

Heart rate

A key measure of wellbeing, heart rate changes with our internal body clock. Learning our natural rhythm and tracking changes can indicate if and when our bodies are under stress, acting as a preventative measure for other health conditions.


Physical activity is essential for cardiovascular health and mental wellbeing. Employees can set goals depending on their unique fitness level and get personalised notifications to motivate them to hit their targets.


Sleep quality and quantity are vital for mental and physical health. Employees can track sleep with integrated notifications and bite-sized modules on how to improve it.

Download the full list of smartwatches and fitness trackers compatible with the BioBeats app and see how your employees can start tracking and improving their physical health data.