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BioBeats becomes a Huma company

news,research,technology | 2 min read

Today we have the pleasure to inform you that BioBeats has been acquired by the leading health-tech company, Huma.

Collaboration is at the heart of Huma and together, we have the technology, data and insights to redefine health, making the leap from reactive to proactive medicine.

David Plans, BioBeats co-founder and CEO commented:

“We share a vision with Huma for pioneering preventative health. We want people to go from simply surviving to thriving. By creating clinically-validated products to predict, diagnose and treat mental health disorders, we allow everyone to flourish.

We are excited to join Huma to realise our ambition for preventative mental health and wellbeing to people around the world. With Huma’s experience, global partners and innovation capabilities, we look forward to joining the team to help people live longer, fuller lives.”

For more information about how this affects you or if you would like to know more about how we can support your employees during this time then contact us via the link below.

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