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We combine science and psychology to empower employees to better manage their mental health – boosting their performance and productivity

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Resilient teams perform better

BioBeats enhances mental wellbeing and is scientifically proven to reduce common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. People are the heartbeat of your business. By building a happy and productive workforce, we dramatically reduce absence rates and the growing costs of absence.

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How BioBeats works

Employee health
Physical health tracking Digital therapeutics and
mindfulness tool
Mental wellbeing
AP integration for a centralised benefits solution
Trends into workplace
mental health
Aggregated results
from employee
health assessments
Insights to measure the
impact of other wellbeing
initiatives and allocate
budget for supporting
employee mental health
  • Employee App
  • Employer Dashboard


It’s easy to get started

Want a demonstration of the BioBeats mental health platform? We’ll show you the app, the dashboard, and what benefits it can have for your organisation. We offer flexible pricing packages that start from as little as £1 per employee, per month.

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Where science meets wellbeing

BioBeats is the result of years of scientific research into employee mental health from the University of Oxford. Read about the science of how the BioBeats app improves mental wellbeing after just a two-week intervention.